Learn a trade

Why Learn A Trade?

Because there is a national shortage of quality skilled tradespeople!

Within some trades, such as plumbing, plastering and electrical work, there seems to be a general shortage or qualified professionals. Among most manual skilled trades there is a big shortfall in GOOD QUALITY qualified tradesmen.
You only have to turn on the TV and watch "Rogue Traders" to know that there is always a plumber, electrician or builder, waiting on the sidelines to make a fast buck, from an unsuspecting customer. So when we refer to skilled tradesmen, we don't count these cowboys.
There are one or two organisations who say "No, there are plenty of plumbers" or "electricians are two a penny", but let me tell you this from my own experience. I am a member of BNI, a business referral organisation within the UK. BNI qualifies it's members on an ongoing basis and "rogue traders" don't last 5 seconds, so I know that when I recommend a tradesman from my local BNI group he will do a good job. So let's take some of those tradesmen as examples. In my local chapter, there is a plumber, carpenter, and an electrician. They all have more work than they can cope with and they would happily recruit help or even refer some of their own business, if they could find trustworthy, qualified candidates. (Incidentally, I am in Dorset, so if you are looking for a reputable tradesperson in the Dorset area, email me, I'll happily try and find someone for you through BNI). I hate rip off merchants!
There is a shortage of reputable skilled trade people. No question.

Because you can make good money as a skilled tradesperson.

Hourly rates for skilled tradesmen vary according to the trade, geographical location, reputability, and the nature of the job involved. For example, a plumber in Wales may charge £9 an hour, while some plumbers in the South East will charge up to £130. As a general guide £30 an hour for most skilled trades is a fair average. The important aspect though, is that if you do a good honest job, you will never be out of work, as repeat business and recommendations will come thick and fast. And then you can legitimately increase your hourly rate as demand for you increases.

Because life as a tradesman is varied.

No two trade jobs are ever the same. No two customers are ever the same. You get to travel around your local area, meet new people, discover new challenges and learn new skills and experience. It beats being stuck behind a desk all day!! And chances are you will be earning more than the average pen pusher anyway.

Because your other partner, friends and family will appreciate it.

Partners, mums and dads, grandparents and friends all appreciate a skilled person in their contact group, who can fix things when they go wrong. It saves money at home, it opens the door to home improvement and it adds bragging rights with the neighbours ;).